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Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department

Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Department (WASD)

Miami Dade CountyThe latest Water Use Permit issued to Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department caps the amount of water that the County can withdraw from the aquifer for the County’s drinking water.  As a result, the County is not allowed, under that permit, to withdraw more water from the aquifer than the amount of water it had been using at the time the permit was issued.

Biscayne Engineering was contracted by WASD to prepare a program to install new water services, free of charge to the property owner, to new water mains along the frontage of the property.  The Dual Water Main Program identifies procedures to be followed by a Program Manager to develop design-build packages that are biddable by small plumbing contractors as part of the County’s initiative to promote small business enterprises.  WASD is currently contracting for a pilot program for the implementation of the Dual Water Main Program.