Biscayne Engineering - Miami FL

Florida Marine Patrol Station

Oleta River State Park

A Florida Marine Patrol Station was constructed for the southern command that was located just north of the north campus of Florida International University, with Oleta State Park.  As a result of budget constraints, much of the intended construction was removed from the project including a helipad, a paved parking lot, a boat/vehicle maintenance building, and a paved impound yard.  This project was intended to complete some of the construction that needed to eliminate from the original project, resolve some functional issues resulting from the original construction, respond to requirements imposed by more current State legislation for such facilities, and upgrade accessibility to the facility.

The State of Florida contracted with Biscayne Engineering, initially through a contract with the architect, to design the site improvements for the project including the civil engineering and the landscaping architecture.  When it was learned the local regulatory agencies would require after-the-fact permits for portions of the construction that were previously not in their jurisdiction, the State contracted with Biscayne Engineering to apply for such after-the-fact permits.  The project included a new parking lot, new landscaping of the facility, and improved accessibility at the facility.