Biscayne Engineering - Miami FL


Regardless of the size or complexity of the job, an experienced and innovative team is essential when undertaking any engineering project.  Biscayne will provide to you a qualified team with extensive experience in a multitude of engineering services for the private and public sector.

  • Airport and Airfield
    Landside and Airside Facilities including aprons, taxi lanes, taxiways, drainage, utility infrastructure, and fuel facilities
  • Drainage and Flood Control
    Project based and community based stormwater drainage and flood control facilities
  • Drinking Water
    Water main extensions and systems and services including the extensive permitting
  • Engineering Contruction Inspection Services
    A full range of construction related services including administration and monitoring
  • Environmental Permitting
    Local, County, State and Federal permitting including wetlands, Environmental Resource Permits, and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Expert Witness Research and Testimony
    Includes preparation of reports and exhibits for the complex world of litigation
  • Highway and Roadway
    Arterial, collector and local highway and roadway facilities in accordance with minimum State requirements
  • Land Development & Site Engineering
    Project and sub-division site design including layout, roadways, drainage, and infrastructure
  • Maintenance of Traffic & Staging
    Logistics and Maintenance of Traffic, or Staging plans, that reflect construction logistics while maintaining traffic around a construction site
  • Public Works
    The diverse range of municipal project, sometimes under public bid, that could range from intersection or roadway improvements to feasibility studies and Concurrency Management Systems
  • Recertification                                                                                                     
    Includes 40 year Recertification and Stormwater Management Recertification
  • Traffic Engineering
    Traffic engineering studies including the projection of impacts that would be generated by proposed projects
  • Urban Land Development
    Urban development requires recognition that a proposed project must match the surrounding public right-of-way and infrastructure and Biscayne Engineering specializes in working with the developers to insure the project is viable and constructible.
  • Value Engineering                                                                                                  Includes studies and reports which show the optimized cost of construction project components
  • Wastewater Collection
    Sanitary sewer extensions, collection systems, pump stations and force mains including State permitting