Biscayne Engineering - Miami FL

Past Presidents & Leadership at Biscayne Engineering

1898 Biscayne Engineering begins with the partnership ofJ.S. Frederick and W.E. Brown.
1905 J.S. Frederick, W.E. Brown and L.D. Llewellyn, P.A.
1913 This professional association became known as Biscayne Engineering:
W.E. Brown, President
John A Moore, Vice President
Earl E. Harvey, Secretary-Treasurer
1914 Incorporation of Biscayne Engineering
1936 Norman C. Harvey -son of Earl E. Harvey – acquires interest in the company and later becomes Vice President.
1952-1973 J.J. Bennett, President
1969 George Bolton buys Biscayne stock from his uncle, Norman C. Harvey.
1973-1975 A.B. Mohr joined Biscayne in 1946, becoming president from 1973-1975.
1976 George C. Bolton, grandson of Earl E. Harvey, becomes president.
Current Mike Bartholomew, PSM – President
Beatriz Ferrer – Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer
George C. Bolton, PSM – Director
Andrew Conner, PSM – Vice-President
Albert Dettbarn, PE – Vice-President