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Biscayne Engineering

For its stature and influence in the region, Biscayne Engineering Company was recognized by the Beacon Council and named a Cornerstone Company in 1991. With such deep roots, our firm is solidly based on the age old ethic of hard work and know-how, we have provided professional service to our clients in 3 different centuries.


Securing the value and history of surveying and engineering, and thereby causing the integrity of the foundation for the growth of the community.



  • Integrity – Causing the stability of the company through professionalism, authentic communication and doing it the way it was meant to be done.
  • Honor – Loyalty and respect for the history of our company, our profession and the community
  • Leadership – Being the one responsible for providing training, knowledge and standards for the successful growth and development of our company and our community.
  • Trust – Committed to be competent, consistent, accountable and reliable for causing our mission
  • Passion – Unstoppable in producing results with love, enthusiasm and ease.

Accolades & Recognition

  • Commendation
    City of Miami, Mayor Maurice Ferre, 1976
  • Cornerstone Company
    Beacon Council, 1991
  • Pioneer Company
    Miami Centennial ’96 Committee, 1996

More Information

Founded in 1898 by J.S. Frederick and W. E. Brown, Biscayne Engineering Company, Inc. (BEC) is recognized for being an influential part in the growth of Miami and the South Florida region.

Today, BEC is still at the cutting-edge of South Florida’s progressive growth and development. As a full service planning, engineering, and surveying firm, it has continuously and prominently been involved planning and developing the Florida and South Florida Region. Its engineers, surveyors and planners continue the commitment and traditions of its founders, W.E. Brown and J.S. Frederick.

Biscayne was officially incorporated in 1914, with W.E. Brown as President, J.A. Moore as Vice President and E.E. Harvey as Secretary Treasurer.  Biscayne’s early work included laying out the City of Miami streets, and extending throughout Miami-Dade County.  One of our most notable early works was the development of Villa Vizcaya.  Biscayne also had a prominent role in the development of the Deering family and Brickell family properties, Star Island, Fisher Island, Bayside Marketplace, the U.S. Post Office Building and Federal Courthouse.  Biscayne aided in the conversion of Tropical Park from a dog to a horse track, the certification of distance to all South Florida horse tracks, laying out the University of Miami Campus, and surveying the Tamiami Canal in 1911.

Perhaps no other person exemplified Biscayne Engineering’s rich and proud history of professionalism, integrity and performance more that John J. (J.J.) Bennett one of its most noted and transcendent figures who for more than half-a-century rose from a lowly Rodman in 1913 to secretary, treasurer and president from 1952 to 1973.

Throughout the years, Biscayne has been involved with the Metro Rail and People Mover project, the new Miami-Dade County Library and the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts.

Biscayne Engineering Company has received “Commendation” from the City of Miami in 1976, was also named a “Cornerstone Company” by the Beacon Council in 1991, and deemed as a “Pioneer Company” by the Miami Centennial 1996 Committee.

Biscayne Engineering Company offers a full range of civil, architectural engineering, professional surveying, right-of-way mapping, traffic engineering and environmental services through its Florida offices to private clients, municipalities, counties, state government and the Florida Department of Transportation.

The current link to its long standing legacy is Director George C. Bolton, who was the grandson of one of the company’s original founders E.E. Harvey.   Mr. Bolton has drawn from his extensive background and many years of experience to provide Biscayne’s clients with the integrity and professionalism that has long been the trademark established by the original founders.

Some of its more prominent clients have also included, Howard Hughes, former President Richard M. Nixon, Senator Claude Pepper, Congressman Dante Fascell, and the Burdines family.

Biscayne has indexed and maintained a records library dating back to its inception, which include fundamental municipal, county and state records that capture most of South Florida’s early development and history.

As the company reflects on more than a century of service as the oldest land surveying firm in South Florida, it also maintains a vision of the future and its new challenges.